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Studies and observations have shown that:

  • Children become calmer and have improved concentration
  • Children learn to respect each other and learn the importance of personal space
  • Children have more confidence and increased self esteem
  • It teaches children to respect others and leads to social inclusion
  • There is a reduction in bullying and aggression
  • Emotional health improves It helps children recognise ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch
  • Children show improved motor skills It encourages visual and kinaesthetic learning
  • The teacher benefits from all these aspects Massage is fun!

The Massage in Schools Programme is being used very successfully in schools as part of personal, health, social and citizenship education (PHSCE) and can contribute to the Healthy Schools Award (Emotional health and well-being). Massage stories and touch activities can be developed to aid kinaesthetic learning in other curriculum areas.

The MISP benefits children in other settings as it is used by, among others, Sure Start, The National Pyramid Trust and by project workers working with the Children’s Fund. The Massage in Schools Programme has also been presented at DfES Anti-Bullying Conferences.