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Creative Massage Routines

Approx 6 weeks after the Daily Routine has been introduced and established in the classes, we introduce the ‘Weather Massage’. This massage shows the pupils another set of moves and introduces the concept of creative work.

The pupils are then asked to create their own massage routines based on a special topic they are studying on the curriculum or a favourite song, story or nursery rhyme. Routines have varied from The Romans, World War 2 to 'The Hungary Caterpillar' or 'Grace Darling'. This also involves making presentations and displays and can vary from simple drawings to animated power point.

Friends and families are invited in for a Celebration Assembly where each class presents their massage routine. This gives the pupils real ownership for the massage and helps improve confidence and self esteem.

Here are a few examples of the Creative Massage Routines

Cambo First School Northumberland Year 2. Grace Darling

Ellingham First School Northumberland. Rainbow Serpent

Prudhoe Adderlane First School Northumberland. World War 2

Tweedmouth Prior Park First School Northumberland. Year 3 Rainforest Massage Mrs Hindhaugh

Tweedmouth West First School Northumberland. Year 4 The Olympics Mrs Anderson

Wylam First School Northumberland Creative Assembly Photos