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Thea is an American Touch Teacher who is introducing Child2child  Peer Massage into schools in the USA. She is in the process of making a documantry about Child2child Peer Massage and has come to England to meet up with its founder Jean Barlow. On Friday we  were lucky to have her visit us up here in the North East.

She came to interview and film myself and  the pupils and staff at Stobhillgate School  Morpeth. They have been doing the Peer Massage for 3 years now and are one of our greatest advocats for the daily massage. Their enthusiam and support is endless and wouldnt be without the massage in their clasrooms. Children are calm, ready to work and have imporved social skills.

I will get a number of copies of the documantry and will circulate them around to everyone that is intersted.This is a truely exciting time for everyone invovled in the programme - we are about to go global and hopefully viral on u Tube

Here is a link to her interview with Jean in Boston 2012

Massage at Work

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Peer massage in schools Lynn Munro,MFHT,MICHT, talks about her work as a peer massage instructor in schools

This article was published in International Therapist (Issue 93), the membership journal of the Federation of Holistic Therapists ( <> )            

Child2Child Peer Massage has been specially designed to bring nurturing touch and experiential learning into the classroom. It uses the body’s own resources to help to promote the improvements in concentration, attention and communication. It seeks to teach cognitively, self-respect and control. We know that touch is the first of the sense to develop in the womb and the last to leave us when we die. This is a brand new programme- be the first in the North East to receive whole school training. For a number of introductory offers contact Lynn 07801710963

Massage at Work Massage reduces workplace stress by 30%. Numerous studies have shown that reduced anxiety levels in employees can lead to better morale, improved productivity, better decision making and ultimately better performance (Lazarus, 1963; Steers & Black 1994). Book today for a therapist to visit your workplace and get the second visit half price  and find out more on how we can help reduce stress in your workplace. Quote Feb Offer 2

Girls Night in-Pamper Party  Free 1 Hours treatment when you host a Pamper Party ( minimum 6 guests) There´s nothing like a girlie reunion to lift your spirits. Winter seems to have lasted spring draws near, it is an ideal time to get all your stressed-out girlfriends together and have a luxury night in to really unwind. Choose from a selection of treatments availble to experience in the comfort of your own home in the company of your best friends. What more could you want for a speciall evening. Quote Feb 3

For more information contact Lynn 07801710963